Battery Storage

Call us to install your preferred battery storage solution to pair with your existing or future solar power system.

Optimize your home’s energy usage with a Backup Battery System!

SelectPWR is Certified to install Tesla PowerWall, Generac PWRCell, and Briggs and Stratton SimpliPhi Battery Systems.

The Benefits of a Battery Backup System:

  • Take control of your power
  • Reliable backup power
  • Less reliance on the electrical grid
  • Optimize your Solar Energy Investment
  • Automatically transfer to battery power in as little as 3 milliseconds after a power outage.
  • Gain knowledge/control of your energy usage with energy monitors and load control systems.
  • With Generator, Solar or Utility charging options for your Battery, you will always be prepared.
SelectPWR | Battery Storage Installer - Beaufort, SC

Frequent Questions About Battery Backup Systems

Can a Solar/Battery System Power my entire house?
Yes! With the modular design of the Battery Systems currently on the market, you can scale your system to power anything from a single room to your entire house!

Is Solar required to have a Battery System?
No. Your Battery Storage System can charge and store electricity from multiple sources such as the Electrical Grid, a Generator, and others.